Customer Testimonial

At FOE Loans, we would like to think that we offer the best logbook loan options to be found in the United Kingdom. Not only that, but we pride ourselves on the knowledge that our staff have about the loan products we offer, the expertise in their field and their friendliness and approach to customer service. Over time, we have had numerous customers come to us to thank us for helping them secure their logbook loans.

These are just a few of their stories.

Mary, Cardiff

I approached FOE Loans in 2014 for a logbook loan. After applying at numerous tertiary educational institutions I had all but given up when none of them came back to me.

And then, out of the blue, the one I really wanted to go study at replied. They had a vacancy for me in the course I wanted to study. Someone had pulled out and they were keeping it for me. Now, this course is very difficult to get into, and to be honest, although I sent my application, I didn’t really think I would be successful.

I needed to pay a deposit to secure my place within five days. Unfortunately, I just did not have the cash at that point. A friend suggested FOE Loans using my car as a way to secure my logbook loan.

I went to their offices and spoke to Mike. He was brilliant. He told me everything I needed to know about the loan. He arranged to have my car checked out to determine its overall value and then he helped me the next day when I returned with all the relevant papers. In next to no time, my car had secured me the £1000 I needed for the course. I paid the deposit and a month later was studying for my dream job! Not only that, but my waitressing job helps me to make the monthly repayments on my loan easily.

Thanks FOE Loans

Bob, London

You never know when you need money in a hurry! Now I have always wanted to be a saver, but never really could get going. About a month ago, I needed money quickly. My beloved poodle, Jack had broken his leg after he was hit by a car near my house. I was devastated.

The vet said it could be fixed, but Jack would need around three days of special care and I just didn’t have the cash. I had heard about logbook loans before, so I went to FOE Loans and quickly filled in the necessary papers. They checked out my car, guided me through the whole process and within a day had paid the agreed loan amount into my account. Kevin, the staff member I dealt with even remembered to ask me how Jack was on the day he called to tell me the loan had been approved. The great thing is that Jack didn’t have to wait for his operation and he received all the necessary treatment he needed, which I could pay for in cash.

In fact, he is sitting at my feet, wagging his tail as I type this. I think Jack would also like to say thank you to FOE Loans.